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PPT Inženjering AD, 37-39, Bulevar Vojvode Mišića St., 11000 Belgrade

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Hydraulic systems of PPT INZENJERING have been implemented in civil engineering and construction for lifting heavy weights. Examples of these are lifting of the concrete structure of the sports hall in Majdanpek (Serbia), and lifting of the dome on the Orthodox St. Sava Temple on the Vracar hill in Belgrade. Mass of the dome weighing 4000 T and 27 m of height, was lifted on the height of 43 m. This exceptional civil engineering deed, unique in the world, was done with the help of 16 hydraulic cylinders (of PPT manufacture) and manipulators for inserting reinforced concrete panels underneath. With the special system of electronic handling, the lifting was provided with synchronization of motion of all 16 cylinders, whereby horizontal position of the dome was being maintained with precision of 5 mm.

- Formwork, unloading platforms, tunnel formwork etc., have also found their application.

- Device for static and dynamic testing the crane lifting mechanism of 63-500 T of loads, so-called “Nagruzatelji”.

- Master mechanical design of stage technique of the National Theater, with assembly and commissioning – Belgrade, 1988.

PPT INZENERING has designed, manufactured, delivered, mounted and commissioned the PNEUMATIC and ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC FIXTURES FOR STARTING: WINDOWS, DOORS AND GATES on numerous industrial halls, as well as on other facilities such as: “Energoprojekt” business building in New Belgrade, Mint in Belgrade – entrance gate, Hospital in Kragujevac – lead doors and X-ray chambers, Thermo-electric power plant Ugljevik…