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PPT Inženjering AD, 37-39, Bulevar Vojvode Mišića St., 11000 Belgrade

phone: +381 11 369 0 168; Fax: + 381 11 369 0 479,

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PPT Inzenjering AD was found on October 19, 1959 in Belgrade in organizational form of a subsidiary, founder of which was Prva Petoletka AD with its seat in Trstenik, 101, Cara Dusana St.

The goal of opening the subsidiary is to be able to execute contracts upon special approval of the then management and to have contact of the head office with its clients.

PPT Inzenjering AD has remained an integral part of “Prva Petoletka” until privatization procedure and successful sale of this enterprise. During this period, the company has changed several organizational forms and legal norms, in accordance with the law, and that is how it was registered as a Subsidiary, work unit for designing, programming and foreign-trade activities, then as SOUR (abbreviation for: Independent Organization of Associated Labor) for designing and foreign-trade activities, Work Unit Engineering of “Petoletka” and OOUR (Basic Organization of Associated Labor) Engineering of “Petoletka”.

With the decision FI-1719/99 of December 31, 1999, this company has adjusted with the Law on Business Companies and was registered within structure of its Mother Company “Prva Petoletka” AD as a daughter company, registration No. 1-17110-00, Company ID No. 07559470.

With the decision of the Business Registers Agency Belgrade, No. BD3897/2005,  dated July 15, 2005, the Company was transformed to an economic entity under business name “Designing and Engineering Company PPT Inzenjering AD Beograd, 37-39, Bulevar Vojvode Misica St. which is within the Holding Company “Industrija Hidraulike i Pneumatike Prva Petoletka AD Trstenik, 101, Cara Dusana St.

After unsuccessful sale of Prva Petoletka, PPT Inzenjering AD, as a daughter company, and pursuant to the Article 400v of the Law on Business Companies, stepped out from its mother company composition and entered independently into the privatization process through public tender opened by the Decision of the Privatization Agency dated February 4, 2010.

Successful sale of social capital was completed, whereby majority owner of 67.06% of founding capital and the buyer was the corporation “Trest Gidromontaz” from Moscow, Russian Federation, registered in the Register of Business Entities as a Corporation for Designing and Engineering – PPT Inzenjering AD, BD 22597/2011, dated February 28, 2011.

Predominant business activity of the company is 71.1, engineering and technical consulting. There are several organizational units in the company, namely: Project Management Sector, Sector of Economic Activities, Commercial Sector and also three sections (services).

Management bodies are the Shareholders Assembly and the Board of Directors.

Statutory representative of the company is its General Manager and legal representatives are the two appointed Deputy General Managers.

Procedure of sales contract implementation is underway.

There are 50 employees in the company, hired for indefinite period.