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PPT Inženjering AD, 37-39, Bulevar Vojvode Mišića St., 11000 Belgrade

phone: +381 11 369 0 168; Fax: + 381 11 369 0 479,

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PPT INZENJERING is permanently present in MINING, and especially on open cut mining. PPT Inzenjering is specialized from central lubrication and hydraulic fixture systems on a large number of roto-dredgers on BTO systems. Large number of structures, especially large cylinders for pulley consoles lifting; reloading consoles and for caterpillar rotating is operating daily in numerous mines.

- In 2006, 2011, and 2012, overhauls and reconstruction of hydraulics have been done, and also lubrication on the dredger SRS 800, as well as on machines PKM-1 and PKM-2 in PK “Kostolac”, Kostolac.

- Design and production of double central lubricating system Band-Vagen 1400, Reik Kolubara Tamnava, 2005.

- Reconstruction and upgrade of double central lubricating system on the dredger SRS 1300 Kostolac, 2004-2005.

- Master mechanical design of hydraulic system and system of central grease lubrication of rotary dredgers SRs 400, SRs 1300, SRs 2000, with the assembly and commissioning of PK “Sikulje i Dubrava”, Tuzla, B-H (1983-1986), PK “Dobro Selo”, Obilic, Kosovo-Metohija (1983-1984), REK Bitola, Macedonia, PK Kostolac.